About Us

We understand that not every pet owner has the time nor patience to rid their yards of their pets’ waste. At Poo Guys, we specialize in pet waste removal while providing you with professional customer service. Pet owners’ schedules are very busy and frankly, the last thing a pet owner should have to worry about is picking up their pets’ waste from their yards. You shouldn’t have to spend your hard earned time picking up after your pet, give the Poo Guys a call and we’ll scoop your pets’ poo for you!

Our Mission

Making sure that you, your family and your pets are happy is our number one priority. We always put our customers first. It is important to us to understand what our customers need and are looking for in the pet service industry.

We Are Passionate

It is important to us to be passionate about our work. At Poo Guys we wear many hats, we are pet lovers, providers and owners. We are very passionate about our work and improving the quality of life for our customers.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.Georg Wilhelm Hegel

What Makes Us Different

Poo Guys has revolutionized the pet service industry. We understand the needs of customers and deliver the quality that is lacking. We do not just offer one service or product, but a variety of needs tailored to benefit our customers.

  • Quality, other companies are lacking quality in the work they carry out and is evident in their websites.
  • Poo Guys is a veteran owned business. Chris Ross started Poo Guys after separating from the Navy as a Culinary Specialist.
  • We are locally owned and operated, we have partnered with smaller companies to keep the local economy strong.
  • Guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our goods and services.

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